• Miami-based Reality Show
    Miami-based Reality Show Mixes Glamour, Job Advice From Top Recruiters

    MIAMI (CBSMiami) – “Top Recruiter: The Competition”, a reality show based in Miami, has its finger on the pulse of Miami’s struggles: joblessness.

  • Putting America Back to Work
    Putting America Back to Work, One Episode at a Time

    Given this series is available on the internet and not network or cable television, many more people will have the opportunity to view it and benefit from it as more people have access to the internet now than ever before thanks to mobile devices and smart phones.

  • About
    Top Recruiter Reality TV Show

    The show is designed to show you how to get a job and move up the career ladder. The recruiters compete by participating in a weekly challenge, which also provides tips and advice for job seekers and career changers.

  • kelly_ocg
    The Reality of Human Resources

    Welcome to the new era of attraction and engagement via Social Reality TV Recently I became aware of a new reality based show call “Top Recruiter” which airs in 8-10 part webisodes, each running approximately 8 minutes. Think “The Apprentice” meets “Survivor” minus the voting off! My initial thoughts regarding this format were excitement, intrigue…

  • Steps to Empowering The Brand You. Think Reality TV

    On the other hand, do make sure that your friends, recruiters, hiring managers and leaders know about your successes and that you get credit where due. Don’t hide your light under a talent, let it shine.

  • The Art of Swagger: The Office Edition

    Men’s fashion is one of those key factors that will elevate your confidence and make a great impression, whether you’re looking for a job or trying to keep your competitive edge. – Chris LaVoie, Executive Producer of the Glamour Reality Series, Top Recruiter: Miami.

  • Get the inside loop on your job search

    The series is informative, educational, and entertaining with a sprinkle of drama. What more could you want?

  • Game-Changers: Chris LaVoie, Creator of Top Recruiter: Miami

    I watched a few of episodes, and I was hooked. I used the power of LinkedIn to reach out to the show’s creator, and he was kind enough to accept my connection and so here we are. In an industry that’s starved for disruption, Chris LaVoie is turning it on it’s head.

  • If You Ever Wanted To Be In Pictures, Here’s Your Chance

    Are you a rockstar recruiter? Can you sell a Facebook developer on a future with My Space? Or charm an NSA gatekeeper out of a list of cryptanalysts with top secret clearances?

  • Creator & Executive Producer talks about both of his hit reality series.

    Producer Chris Lavoie chats live from the US about his new reality shows Top Recruiter: Miami &  Social Media Stars.

  • Top Recruiter: Miami Series Explodes

    Top Recruiter: Miami Series Explodes

  • The Creators of Top Recruiter: Miami Reality Series is now Casting worldwide for a new series.

    A new show called “Social Media Stars” is being produced by LaVoie Entertainment, the creators of Top Recruiter: The Competition

  • Innovative Marketing: Pushing the Envelope of Tradition

    I have had the opportunity to work with some pretty incredible people over the last several years.


    Reality shows have always been a hit, controversial and yet entertaining! I don’t deny the fact that some of them are BS, too!

  • Measuring the Dividends of Diversity

    Imagine a company launching a new product or service without the ability to measure sales and profitability.

  • 5 Key Ingredients of a Top Recruiter (Interview)

    What recruiter doesn’t want to be the best? To not only be at the top of his/her game, but at the top of the entire recruitment industry?

  • Online reality show Top Recruiter is casting for Season Three

    Are you a star in the HR and talent acquisition industry? US online reality TV show Top Recruiter is now casting for its third season.

  • Transparency, Branded Entertainment and the World of Work

    We’ve recently made the business case for the unemployed and we’ve helped to further humanize brands.

  • Chris LaVoie at Lunch with DriveThruHR

    DriveThruHR was designed to be a captivating and easy-to-digest lunch discourse that covers topics relevant to HR professionals.

  • Top Recruiter: Miami Reality Series. Season 2

    Watch the Official Trailer for Top Recruiter: Miami Reality Series. Season 2. This is a True Story!

  • fordyceletter
    Online Video Show Points Up Differences Between Corporate and Exec Search

    With more than 11.8 million unemployed Americans (and millions more globally) it only makes sense for anything recruiting or hiring-related to get a lot of attention.

  • talent-talk
    The HR Tech Marketing Shift: Chris LaVoie is Making New Rules

    Chris LaVoie of LaVoie Entertainment is making new rules when it comes to HR Tech and how it is marketed and sold.

  • The Reality of Recruiting

    At SilkRoad, we’re always looking for unique ways to promote our brand. We use all of the traditional methods, of course, but we’re always on a search for the next big thing.

  • It Takes Talent To Become A Top Recruiter

    Job seekers these days have few advantages when applying for jobs if they don’t have an inside contact to smooth the path.

  • ukrecruiter
    TV Show ‘Top Recruiter’ – I thought I’d seen everything!

    This Recruiter Reality show, created and produced by Chris LaVoie, claims to “go behind the scenes into the mind of some of the best and brightest recruiters on the planet”

  • cnbc
    Digi-Me Gets a Dose of ‘Reality’ with Top Recruiter Partnership

    Digi-Me Teams Up with the Hit Internet Reality Show, Top Recruiter

  • sunsen
    Job seekers more picky as employers compete for talent

    Top Recruiter, a reality series for the Web, films part of its third season at the job fair at the BB&T Center in Sunrise.

  • vancouver
    Recruiters search social networks for employees

    Chad MacRae’s Vancouver start-up Recruiting Social is taking a new tack on traditional recruiting. It’s an approach that’s attracting fans

  • linkedin
    When Recruiting Meets Reality TV

    These aren’t actors in this picture. These are recruiters. Real recruiters who spend their days acquiring talent just like you do.

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