Andrew Chase is one of the most experienced sales recruiters in the United States and October 6th, 2012 will mark his 20th year anniversary in the industry.
He attributes his longevity to his passion for helping people to take that next step in their careers and nothing brings him more excitement than to get an email or call from one his candidates with their success stories. As a matter of fact the first person he ever placed back in January of 1993 is still with that same company.

In those 20 years he has placed several hundred people, prepared thousands for interviews, and has opened companies on every level from hot start-ups to the Fortune 50. He has placed candidates straight out of college into entry level opportunities all the way to the 30 years pros at the Senior VP level.

As the saying goes if you love what you do you never work a day in your life. And Andrew feels like he never works but the 45 plus recommendations on his LinkedIn page will state otherwise.

The Arrival of Andrew Chase

One of America’s Top Recruiting stars in the sales management space, Andrew Chase describes himself as the most seasoned recruiter in this competition.

The Seasoned Pro

Experienced Executive Recruiter, Andrew Chase, is ready to to show America how this game is played.