Somewhere along the way, recruitment and sourcing has taken a wrong turn, and now the integrity of the industry is in a state of collapse. The financial cost of correcting it will be high—more than some will want to pay. But the cost of allowing it to stay on its current course—to enable the perpetuation of a fundamentally flawed system—would be devastating to future generations.

Over the past several years, #theMovement has escalated whispers of change into a roar that is reverberating around the globe. So it’s no wonder that for Season 5, Top Recruiter is expanding its heartfelt-yet-hard-hitting brand of reality entertainment to a place that is hardly a stranger to the seeds of revolution—Europe.

Ours is an industry that is meant to serve others, yet too many people are just out to serve themselves. In TR5, the day of recruiter reckoning has arrived. Contestants’ skills will be scrutinized. Their character will be questioned. And in the end, judgment will be passed.

To make things even more interesting, another level of competition has been added to the mix—North America versus Europe. Nobody’s safe, and loyalty and ambition will be put to the test like never before in the awe-inspiring cities that have stood as epicenters for ideological upheaval throughout history.

It’s a feast for the eyes, a makeover for the soul, and an indulgence in earthly excess…all in one.

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