The drama continues, but this time it’s Men versus Women! In this episode, presents a challenge to the recruiters and we will see who can sell the sizzle the best, the men or the women? In today’s job market, the average duration of unemployment is still almost a full year, it is crucial to know where to look when trying to find a job. Here we will learn about how a company like can help us point in the right direction.

Let the Competition Begin, Again

Host, Renee Herlocker tells the cast what’s in store for them this time. Job boards are a strong instrument for job seekers and this challenge will reflect how employers use such a tool to fill important slots in their companies.

Meet the Judges

This challenge comes from one of America’s leading job boards, Meet CEO Brian Alden and Director of Marketing, Kristen Reed.

Drama, Drama, Drama

Alex King confides in Andrew and Batsheva, find out why that ends up being a very bad idea!

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Selling the Sizzle

Top Recruiters Andrew Chase and Alex King work together on presenting to a group of professionals, see how they stand up to the women in this competition.

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