A stunning 1 in 2 college graduates are either jobless or undeniably underemployed. Our job market is in shambles and everyone, from the “blue collar workers” to the highly educated professionals across this country has felt it’s shocks. No one feels safe, and unfortunately, there is no way to comfort anyone. Not having a job affects families in every way possible. It is an emotional loss and it’s ripples span out to what seems to be an abyss of depression. Top Recruiter, The Competition, was created to give the american people a beacon of light. Insight on what they can do to pull themselves out of this awful downward spiral. We have selected 5 of America’s Top Recruiters to educate us through various entertaining challenges. This group of people are here to shed light on what is within our power to not only get the job you want, but also move up the ladder within your professional career.


In this episode, you will meet the cast members and get a synopsis of the show. Renee Herlocker, this year’s host, will explain to our Top Recruiter’s just what is in store for them.

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Batsheva Chase is shocked by the turn of events in which she believes is a deal breaker for participating in the show. Find out why she walks away form the competition.

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