Bryan and I are sitting in throne-like chairs in the portrait room of the castle. They’ve taken a quick break in filming and I’ve managed to catch a few moments with him. It’s not easy to catch Bryan alone. You’re more likely to find him in the middle of a group discussion about the psychology of the modern business world, or having intense conversations about revolutionizing our industry. I’ve never met anyone in this game with as much passion and blinding vision for the talent industry as Bryan.

I feel like I haven’t seen much of you this past week. You’re always running about.

Yeah, I think I have been lost in the castle at least 4 times. They sent a search party and found me the last time… 

I heard there was lots of drama last night.

Yes, it gets competitive and everyone here wants the best product. 

What happened?

One sec- I think I’m going to pair this champagne with a red bull.

(This is the first moment I’ve been genuinely scared. I find it difficult to keep up with Bryan as it is, and the thought of him on red bull terrifies me)

Feel better?

Yeah. That coffee just wasn’t kicking in. 

So, about last night…

There was an idea floating around that we didn’t have strong enough footage and some talk of throwing a curveball in to make the show better. But we have so much good stuff captured. I’ve watched the scenes unfolding and they look great. Eventually, we all agreed that editors can make even the worst actors into Oscar contenders.  Thankfully we decided to remain on course  and not add any unnecessary twists. 

Have you been on Top Recruiter before?

No this is my first show.

How you finding it?

It has been amazing. 

Did you have any expectations coming in to it?

My expectations were that I was going to make the blooper reel more than anyone else… Thankfully the crew has been very supportive of everyone as they talk with cameras in their face… eventually, you get used to it. I loved seeing people gain confidence in a group and share their best insight or a personal story.  

How has it been putting big personalities into a shared space all week?

That has been the best part. The quality of this group has been nothing short of perfection. Thankfully it is a castle and not a camping trip. The pace and fluidity has been something for us all to get used to. 

I cant imagine if you tried to doing this type of show with very many other professions…Recruiters are naturally “dancing”, pivoting and required to be very flexible, so it works.

Who have you met that you’ve enjoyed getting to know?

Agh so many representing the foundation and future of this industry! 

How can you not love the bosses on the European side? Ann Swain, she’s like the queen mother of the European recruiting industry. She is inspiring. 

Team Protis from North America. Salt of the earth guys. 

What’s the biggest problem facing recruitment right now?

The industry lacks true innovation in both our mindset and the product that we deliver.

What do you mean by that?

In order for our industry to elevate the value that we bring, we must quantify that value in more meaningful and tangible ways.

What is Top Recruiter doing for the industry?

I think TR is creating an invaluable educational platform where our industry’s best are able to effectively share their personal experiences and ideas with the wider business audience. Chris and his partners are creating something deeply authentic and category defining.

What’s been your favorite moment so far?

The wine tasting with Vin Social. I loved seeing the best and brightest of our industry sit around a table, raise a glass, and learn together.  As much as we tend to focus our energies on the client and candidate experience, I ultimately care most about the recruiter experience. Recruiters work tirelessly and rarely get celebrated properly so it was great seeing everyone eat well, drink well, and get spoiled for a few days.

What are you going to take away from this?

The accomplishment. I’ve worked very hard to get where I am at in this business. It feels so good to be connected to other like-minded individuals that are driven to succeed. There is nothing like this event.

And with that, the director is shouting for the cast to be back on set, the lights are switched back on, sound technicians are running around and Bryan hands me the last of his red bull and flies back into the thick of it. Like I said, it’s hard to get him alone and so I savor the moments I can snatch with him. It’s not every day you meet genuine visionaries.