I’m sitting with Jack, and the only way I can really explain this is that it’s a lot like sitting with the godfather of recruitment. We’re sitting on the balcony in the shade of the castle, beneath us groups of people talking and laughing, and Jack, like the all-round Don that he is, quietly watching it all. He’s cradling a glass of bourbon that he casually sips from time to time. It never seems to go down and he’s the sharpest man in the room, so I’m convinced he’s immune to bourbon, or he never actually drinks it. I think it’s the former.

I’m ready for a nap Jack.

I tried to take one. I went upstairs, took my suit off and lay on the bed, and then five minutes later someone is knocking on my door.

Apart from that, how’s things?

Things are good. Can’t complain. Nobody wants to hear complaints anyway. 

You and Randy Moore are both so upbeat, I can’t imagine either of you ever complaining about anything.

Really, that’s what you got? Well that’s good. 

The Europeans all love you Jack.

I swear to God I feel the same. I said to Ann Swain, I was curious as to what it’s going to be like. I expected some stuffy Brits, but I have to tell you, everybody, to the person, is great. 

Who’s really stood out for you?

I like Jon Dweck.

I won’t name names but (it was Jon), I know he wants to hug you every time he sees you.

Ha oh really! He kissed me today.

You see, what did I tell you.

He’s very positive. Always smiling, always looking on the good side, and that’s my attitude so I relate to that. 

You’re practically Top Recruiter royalty now, you’ve been on the last two. What’s your take on this year?

Initially I was very skeptical of adding Europe and the competition between us and them. I was used to just having the North Americans and suddenly I’ve got to deal with a whole other group of people. The Gods honest truth is when Chris asked me I said, com’on, I don’t want to do this. What the hell do you need me for. But then he got Randy to work on me and here I am. 

What are your thoughts on the candidates?

Very impressive. They’re dynamite. Rim and Stephanie are sensational. Adam is a classy guy, very nice. Kelly is so strong and confident. 

Who’s your money on?

I’m not telling you.

What are you looking forward to over the next few days?

I’m looking forward to not being hung over again tomorrow. 

Anything else… 

To see what happens on the final day and watch that play out. 

What effect do you think Top Recruiter has on our industry?

I do think it needs to be marketed more. We need to get more people to see it. More exposure. If people see this, it will elevate our industry. Because nobody, nobody, thinks we’re professional. Any hiring manager, anybody we call, we’re nothing but a bunch of paper pushers. And they’re right! But this is different. These people here will do a professional job. I don’t have a doubt. This shows some amazing shots. People professionally talking to each other. Dialogue that’s professional.

Will you keep in touch with anyone?

I know we’ll definitely do business with these people and stay in touch. A couple of guys from the American team have made me swear to come out and see them. 

Everybody here has the same type of personality, and that’s people loving people. Wanting to talk to other people. Liking to talk to other people. You’re not going to have people who are dull or boring.

Despite what you originally thought about the Brits, we proved you wrong.

Yes you did! I love every one of you, I think you’re all great. 

Jack is not someone you can keep for long. People are always hovering on the edge, waiting to jump in and ask his advice, opinion or take on something. They all want a little bit of his brain and experience. I’ve managed to keep them at bay, but when the director finally finds us, he demands I hand Jack over as he’s needed on set. I very reluctantly do so.