It’s day two of Top Recruiter season five. Randy, as usual, is center of attention. Surrounded by a group of men and women, all laughing at his jokes, he captivates them seamlessly, while nursing a glass of whiskey in one hand, and a cigar in the other.

He’s so captivating, I want to stay and watch him and listen to the jokes, but instead, I pull him away from his crowd of admirers and sit down for a chat.

We’re sitting in the pavilion, creeping roses climbing the pillars we’re leaning against, while the French sun beats down on us. It’s absolute bliss, and in moments like these, talking business seems like the easiest thing in the world.

How you doing Randy?

I’m wonderful. Life is always good.

(This is one of the many things I have learnt to love about Randy Moore. Unending buckets of optimism that always makes your day brighter).

How do you keep your positivity?

I don’t know. I think I’m just a positive person.

Born that way?


How’s it been so far on Top Recruiter?

I’m so tired. Last night I got no sleep.

(Randy is always in the middle of the party, so it’s no surprise to me that he’s tired)

I’m used to it though. Last year we were shooting until 3am.

You’re a bit of a Top Recruiter veteran. How you finding this season?

I got to tell you that I’ve already met a ton of really cool people. I’ve established multiple relationships with people overseas that I never would have talked to before. I was talking to Jon Dweck, and he said he had a theory about what Americans were going to be like, and since meeting us all it’s completely the opposite. And vice versa, so it’s really cool. I love the camaraderie between the Americans and the British.

Which is lovely, because normally we don’t get a chance to collaborate that much.

I’ve never been overseas.

You’re joking!

Nope, never been. And I find them to be just like us. It seems like we’ve all got our little idiosyncrasies and quirks, and I like that.

What do you think Top Recruiter is trying to do?

It’s proving that we can all get along from totally different types of recruiting background, and we’re professionals. And that we’re not all crappy recruiters who treat you bad. There’s lots of negativity out there, but we don’t have to be part of it. We can be part of the solution, not part of the problem.

How do you think we can work together to make that happen?

We’re already doing it. Just by getting together in a friendly competition, and still having fun. We’re competitive but we’re still putting ourselves out there. If you’re not afraid to be vulnerable, you’re cool to me.

How are the business ideas going between the UK and Americans?

Incredible. No one here is scared to share an idea that may help someone else, and that’s amazing. I was talking to Keith Potts from London and he’s helping me out with my software. And then Jer from Seattle is giving me tips too. That makes my product better.

What’s impressed you about the American candidates so far?

Both of them brought different things that excited me, so I’m a little torn. One of them brought a better idea that would be marketable and disruptive. The other one had superior presentation skills.

You’re a boss for the American side so you obviously want them to win, but what if Europe win?

Then we go over there and give them a big hug and an exciting congratulations. If you ever watch the Olympics, if someone wins the race, the other person who lost comes up and hugs them. But if you look at yourself in the mirror and say, ‘I gave it all I could’, then you’ve already won.

What are you looking forward to over the next few days?

Some more of the networking at night.

Is it best at night?

I think it’s enjoyable. You get to hear the stories of everyone else and see what people are excited about.

And I’m looking forward to the candidates unfolding their business plans. And we’ll be closing at the end of the week with some big names like Karen Brady and James Caan. People who have made it even bigger in this industry.

As a boss on the show what’s your role?

I’m more hands off, providing guidance when needed.

Not giving them business plans in secret then?

Haha no, it wouldn’t be fair. My parents said if you cheated you didn’t win anyway.

(We’re momentarily interrupted by Bryan Moll standing on the balcony and hollering across the field to us. Something about The Bachelor. As usual he’s Chief Mischief Officer, which Randy easily joins straight in and it’s five minutes before I can get them both to stop passing jokes and get back to our chat)

What’s your favorite thing about Top Recruiter?

The people, I can’t say it enough. Look around. Everyone is just chilling and having fun, and nobody knows each other, not really. In this group you feel like you can walk up to anyone without any trepidation and join in the conversation.

It feels a lot like family.

Exactly. And you become a part of the family.

How do we take a little piece of that home with us?

Through social networking. Making sure we’re always sharing the experience with each other.

Would you encourage others to do Top Recruiter?

Absolutely! The longer you’ve been in business, it’s harder to get better. And it’s also harder to find people on your level and you’re normally doing all the telling. It’s so nice to flip that and be around people you can listen and learn things from.

Bert Millar then interrupts us to tell us that they need Randy on set, and he’s once more pulled back into a crowd of people, all eager to hear what he has to say. But I’m left with an overwhelming sense of positivity that you can’t help but feel when you’re around this guy.