I’m back under the pavilion, this time with Torin, last year’s winner of Top Recruiter. I’m always a little bit in awe of him. He commands such presence, and speaks such good sense, that I almost feel like I could sit and listen to him talk for hours. I’m not the only one, and there’s always a string of people waiting to talk to him, so it’s incredibly rare to have him all to myself.

Given your past experience with Top Recruiter, does it feel nice to not be in the hot seat?

It does. 

What’s your take on this year?

Number one, international. You have to have some level of appreciation for all of that. To be in a position where you are enjoying camaraderie and collaboration, networking and brain-sharing with individuals from all these European countries, that’s a big deal. So I think this year has been fantastic. 

Do you think there’s been a culture clash between North America and Europe?

In some ways. From the American side, some of our participants are foot on the pedal doing zero to eighty. The European side are a bit more reserved. I mean, we both get to our destination, I just think the American team drives a little bit harder. That’s not saying we’re better or smarter, we’re just a bit more aggressive. A bit more in your face. 

How did you find life after Top Recruiter?

It has been a cascading piece of the puzzle. Top Recruiter is as valuable as you make it. Connections can be made and collaboration can be done. I have Ann Swain, Ian O’Dair and Gavin Spiers all lined up to talk about Brexit on my weekly segment for example. Now it’s not me doing research until the wee hours of the morning. I have people on the ground who can talk to me about it. So it’s really what you want to get out of it. 

Who have you really enjoyed getting to know?

Wow, there’s been so many people. Talking to Ann has been amazing. Darren has been phenomenal. There’s been so many individuals. 

What are you going to take from this year?

Number one, challenge Chris to revaluate how he brings talent in for TR6. And that’s a challenge out of love, not out of bravado. Two, there is an opportunity to do business outside of the US, and now I have those connections. And number three, just the joy of being here in relation to recruitment, and not sitting at a conference. This is different.

Would you go for round three?

I’ll be here. 

What advice would you give to the winning candidate?

Be humble. Be accessible. 

You’re incredibly passionate about diversity. How do you think the men and women are getting along here?

I think they’re doing a pretty good job, however, that’s on the American side. I can’t speak for the European side. There’s a lot of testosterone in the room. I actually went out and got Jerona and asked her to come and sit with us while we were working with Kelly. I needed her to come and break up that male energy in the room so we could get to where we need to be. And sure as I said it, it worked. 

It’s lovely that you can recognise that was needed.

Well that’s just an example of why diversity is so incredibly important. Honestly! Kelly has gotten to where she needs to be, and I don’t know if she would have gotten there without Jerona. She would have gotten to where she needed to be sooner, if we’d had more women on our team. What Jerona brought with her when she walked in the room, was the catalyst that got us to where we needed to be. 

What’s been your favourite moment?

Sitting with you. 

Stop it! Seriously…

I’m serious. It’s quiet. I’ve got the sun. I don’t have anybody asking me to be on camera. 

Okay but seriously…

I’m being serous. 


Fine I’ll pick another one. Probably this morning.

What happened?

I was standing with Chris, and knowing they chose not to do something that would question my trust. That was a great moment. 

We walk arm in arm back up to the castle while the sun sets. It’s a pretty magical moment, and as usual, after talking to Torin I’m filled with enthusiasm for our industry. He gives me eternal hope that there are incredible guys out there, fighting the good fight to make our organisations diverse and colourful places.