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Employers today face business landscapes that are more difficult and more competitive than ever. The strength of a company’s team is critical to their success; they are motivated to hire people that will elevate the bar and help take their company to the next level. The interview is an opportunity for you to demonstrate your capacity to help the company achieve this goal. Often, if you don’t take the opportunity to sell yourself, nobody will do it for you. Remember, you don’t have any choices until you have a formal offer of employment in hand.

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With an estimated $140 billion dollars spent on recruiting every year on the line, the stakes – and the payouts – for recruiters has never been higher. And the ones at the top of their game are doing more than making big money – they’re making a big difference in the lives of the job seekers they encounter every day. Because there’s nothing better than a better job. And there’s no better job than recruiting. Great recruiters are in demand, but there are only a few with the right combination of people, business and street smarts to not only be called great, but world class. And with employers increasingly going global in their quest for their next hire, world class is the only class.